Greetings! ILC will be sending out one prompt, like this, each month.

Our intent with these is to keep you familiar on how the components within your Health & Safety Program* work together. We feel that this light activity will be of value to you & your organization. Each eModule prompt will have two questions, one general administrative and one technical. Pretend that we are OSHA or a new employee & see if you can answer the question(s) that applies to your organization; the questions will vary in complexity from month to month. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

* These prompts use ILC’s eModule version 8.0 as a visual example, however, any version or variation of the Safety Manual will do, even if you use a 3-ring binder system. It is still important to know how to answer the questions.

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Here is This Month's Health & Safety eModule Challenge Question(s)...


Administrative Challenge Question:

OSHA makes reference to housekeeping in several general industry standards - bloodborne pathogens, fire protection plans, and walking-working surfaces. When organizations get busy, housekeeping often takes a back seat. There is no specific OSHA standard titled “Housekeeping”. However, you do have relevant housekeeping information to improve safety within your eSystem.

Do you know where this information is located?*

Tutorial Challenge Question:

Housekeeping post-accident may include cleaning up blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM) at the accident scene. Do you know where you can find a general BBP/OPIM clean-up procedure within your eSystem? Once you have located the general procedure and make changes for your own specific procedure (including the location of clean-up materials and type of viracide, etc.) do you know what folder to store the procedure?**

*Hint: Look within the Safety Rules drawer.
**Hint look in your Emergency Procedure flip chart.


If you are using ILC’s eSystem and need assistance with locating the answer to this month’s challenge question(s) contact ILC at 651-633-6525 or toll free at 1-888-475-6525.

If you are using another form of the Safety Manual, ILC can direct you as to where to look and would be glad to give you a demo on how ILC’s eSystem could help you ease the task of locating items such as these.

Feel free to forward this email to others in your organization as a challenge to see if they can find the answer to this month's challenge questions(s).



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